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Georgetown Hoyas

GU Hoyas

Open Edition Poster Art Print

Jack the Bulldog


College Sports Team Artwork Prints

Georgetown Team Mascot Poster


 Approx. Size:   22 x 34" 

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Georgetown Univeristy

Washington, DC

Signed Limited Edition Art Print

...come with Certificate of Authenticity

...from original Pen & Ink Art

GU Campus Building / Landmarks


 Size:   10 x 14" 

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2007 NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four

Men's Division I Basketball Tournament

March 31, April 2, 2007

Atlanta, Georgia

Open Edition Sport Art Print

Licensed NCAA Sports Artwork Poster Print


Size: 24 x 36"

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John Thompson

Legendary Head Coach of Georgetown University Basketball

Overall Coaching Record: 596-239; holds conference record for overall Big East wins at 231...out of 27 years coaching, went to postseason 24 times: 20 in NCAA tournament, 4 in the NIT...reaching Final Four in 1982, 1984, 1985.. Winning the National Championship in 1984 

...also coached the 1988 Summer Olympic Team

Inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame 1999

Open Edition Photo Print

Georgetown Hoyas Coaches Sports Photography


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Georgetown Hoyas

GU Hoyas

Open Edition Poster Art Print

College Sports Team Artwork Prints

Georgetown University Team Poster

Size: 22 x 34" 


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