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We buy & sell pre-owned picture framing equipment. We also help you to sell your used framing equipment, and help you save on equipment that you may need. All Items are sold "As Is".  Although we strives get obtain the best information from the seller, AIM is not responsible for inaccuracies provided to us by seller. It is the responsibility of the buyer to crosscheck information with seller or manufacturer regarding descriptions that appear in this catalog.

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Section 4: Canvas Stretcher / Stretching Machines, Printers, Moulding, Frame Shop Accessories, Print Bins, Rounders

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***Reduced***Item # UFE-417   $1,950

Full Image

Art & Frame Shop Lighted Sign

Pan Channel Letters & Logo Box

  • Less than a year old, completely operational
  • Letters: "A", "R", "T", "&", "F", "R", "A", "M", "E"
  • Logo box measures: 144" x 12" x 4"
  • Letters faced with white acrylic with burgundy translucent film.
  • Includes two ballast power supplies
  • Replace "Wine Country" with your store name & logo  

This item can be picked up in California, or shipped for an additional fee by common carrier. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.

Doug-CA-11-18-2009 $2,000 / 1-26-12 $1,950

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Item # UFE-493   $40

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Saw Tooth Hanger Applicator

This applicator is in Good Condition

Includes supply of saw toot hangers.



This item can be picked up in South Carolina or shipped for an additional fee by UPS. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.


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Smart Board List Replacement Price : $ 2,000

 *** Reduced  Item # UFE-424c   $ 100

Full Image

Smart Technologies SB 850P 72" Screen SmartBoard

There are 2 available for sale.

Year Manufactured 2002

From distributor / manufacturer's website:

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard transforms your classroom, meeting or training space into an interactive working and learning environment. With the combined power of a projector, computer and whiteboard you can do everything you do on your computer and more. Simply touch the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to highlight key points, access applications and Web sites, and write notes in electronic ink. Then, save all your work to one file that you can print, e-mail or post to a Web site.

- Touch the screen to control your computer
- Write in electronic ink
- Save, print or e-mail notes
- Highlight key information with easy-to-use tools

Model 580
Active Screen Area (diagonal) 72" (182.9 cm)

SMART Board software and Notebook software. Free software upgrades, available at

Contact manufacturer for any software or upgrades that may be available for this equipment, or difference between this model and any newer generation .

 Order This Item UFE-424c  Case Only

This item can be picked up in New Jersey or shipped for an additional fee by UPS or Freight Company. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.

ANDY-NJ-2010 $750 board - $1,000 board + case/ 10-29-10 $650 board - - $175 Case -$750 board+case - $1300 both boards + 1 case / 12-1-10 $575 board -$150 Case $125 / 1-27-12 $100

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*** Reduced***Item # UFE-432   $595

Full Image

MegaMaq Canvas Stretcher

Pneumatic Canvas Stretching Machine:  Model PTT 1200 PN

This unit is in good working condition.

... for stretching art canvas over stretcher bars

This item can be picked up in Michigan, or shipped for an additional fee by freight company. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.

ADY-MICHIGAN-12-27-10 $650 / 1-27-12 $595

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List Price $ 735

***Reduced***Item # UFE-434   $350

Full Image

Dayton Heavy Duty Panel Truck

Heavy Duty Panel Truck, Capacity 4000 Pounds, Caster 5 x 2 Inches Polyurethane, Length 35 1/2 Inches, Height 34 Inches, Width 29 1/2 Inches


Distributor Catalog Information link:


This item can be picked up in Wisconsin or shipped for an additional fee by UPS. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.

Nicholas-WI-2-4-11 $375 / 1-27-12 $350

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List  $3,790

**Price Reduced** Item # UFE-436  $975

Full Image

Fredrix Stretch-Aire Canvas Stretcher

This unit is about 4 years old, and is in very good working condition.

Serial # CT1802

Information below is from manufacturer's / distributor's website:

... for stretching canvas on canvas bars ...standard stretching only ... not gallery wraps.

Simple & Easy to use -  Perfect stretches every time

Stretches sizes from 5x7 inches to 48x48 inches

Made of high strength steel  - All welded constructed

OSHA approved foot pedal for added safety - Easily assembles and disassembles

1 hp/75 psi air compressor with tank recommended

This amazing stretching machine generates incredible stretching forces, yet is effortless. oil paintings, artist canvas, print/photographic canvas, needlepoint, stitcheries and crewelwork can all be easily stretched using any standard stretcher bars. Imagine, no more sore arms and blistered hands. Best of all - the Fredrix Stretch-Aire will pay for itself in the first few months of use!

Manufactured in the USA !

This item can be picked up in Georgia, or shipped for an additional fee by freight company. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.

Joyce-GA-2-25-11 / 3-31-11 $995 / 1-27-12 $975

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