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       Edition size: 1,000

(Larger sizes are AP Artist Proofs)

Item # C-181       Price  $45

Item # C-181a  AP    Price $95

Item # C-181b AP      Price $150

Item # C-181c AP     Price $350

Item # C-181d AP     Price $705

Item # C-181e AP     Price $1205

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Cleveland II:

Panoramic View of Cleveland's Lake Shore

Signed Numbered Limited Edition Art Print 

...from Original Pen & Ink with a Watercolor overlay

  Artist: SS

Size:  5 1/2 x 17" 


Order This Item  size: 5.5x17" C-181

Order This Item  size: 8x24" C-181a

Order This Item  size: 10x32" C-181b

Order This Item  size: 13x44" C-181c 

Order This Item  size: 22x72" C-181d

Order This Item  size: 30x96" C-181e


 *Special Price  # C-184   $45

(Print normally retails for $110)

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Jacobs' First Pitch

April 4th 1994 , Indians beat Mariner 4-3

Signed Limited Edition Art Print of 900

Artist: Novak 


Approximate Size: 15 1/2 x 36"

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 *Special Price  # C-185   $45

(Print normally retails for $110)

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Municipal's Final Season

June 19, 1993

"Turn back the clock day"

Signed Limited Edition Art Print of 900

Artist: Tufts 

Approximate Size: 13  x 36"

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Item # C-187     $ 35

Item # C-187     $ 65

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Cleveland Tradition

Pictures Collage Collection of Baseball Memories

Signed Open Edition Giclee Art Print 

Artist / Photographer:  Leathers 

Cleveland Indians Baseball Memorabilia Collectibles Picture Art Collage of Pins, Cap, Bat, Glove, Baseball on Uniform  



Order This Item  # C-187  Size: 11x14"

Order This Item  # C-187L  Size: 16x20"



(Regular Price $25)

*Special This Month!*Item #C-188a      $5

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Lebron James

Current NBA Star with Cleveland Cavaliers shown here during his high school days playing for basketball St. Vincent - St. Mary -- The Fighting Irish.

Open Edition Poster Print

St. Vincent -  St. Mary High School Fighting Irish Basketball


Akron, Ohio 

Lebron James Collectible / Memorabilia Poster

  Size: 17x22"

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#OH-201          $25


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Ohio Bicentennial Poster

 Photos by: Miller  

Open Edition Poster

Barns of Ohio with Bicentennial Logo painted on them 

Licensed 2003 Ohio Commemorative Bicentennial Poster Print

Posters are available for a few counties in Ohio

If it is important as to which county call for availability 


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