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*Special This Month!*Item # CH-62      $9

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Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Football Poster Print 

Open Edition Print Poster

Licensed NFL Poster Sports Art Print




Size 22 x 34"

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Item # CH-63        $45

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Dan Hampton

Former Chicago Bears Football Player #99

Inducted Pro Football Hall of Fame 2002 

Old School Open Edition Print 

Autographed by Dan Hampton


Size 11 x 17"

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 Item # CH-64     Price    $130 

Item # CH-64C     Price    $400

Item # CH-64LC     Price    $900

Item # CH-64XLC  Price    $1200

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Chicago Panoramic

Signed Limited Edition Giclee Prints of 100

This is a great collector's item, and would make a perfect gift. There is only 100 prints for each edition size. 

Each Art Print and Canvas comes with a Certificate of Authenticity 

Artist: Hartenbach

City Skyline Landmark Collage Fine Art Prints

Order This Item  # CH-64  Size: 12x24" Giclee Print

Order This Item  # CH-64C  Size: 15x30" Canvas Edition

Order This Item  # CH-64LC  Size: 30x60" Canvas Edition

Order This Item  # CH-64XLC  Size: 36x72" Canvas Edition

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Item # CH-65        $55

Item # CH-65C        $180

Item # CH-65o     $3,500

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Corey Patterson

 Chicago Cubs Baseball Player 2000 - Current 

Sports Art Print & Canvas


Artist: Longordo 


Order This Item # CH-65   Art Print Size 11x14"   

Order This Item # CH-65C   Size: 16x20"  Giclee on Canvas 

Order This Item  # CH-65o Artist's Original 20x24" Canvas Artwork Autographed by Corey Patterson

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Item # CH-66        $55

Item # CH-66C        $255

Item # CH-66o     $3,500

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Ron Santo

 Chicago Cubs Baseball Third Baseman 1960 - 1973 (White Sox 1974) 

337 Career HR, 9 Time National League All-Star, Won 5 Gold Gloves

Sports Art Print & Canvas

Artist: GL


Order This Item # CH-66   Art Print Size 11x14"   

Order This Item # CH-66C   Print Size Size: 16x20"  Giclee on Canvas 

Order This Item # CH-66o Artist's Original 20x24" Canvas Artwork 

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*Special This Month!*Item # CH-67      $ 15

(Regular Price $245)

*Special This Month!*Item # CH-67C   $ 195

 Item # CH-67LC   $ 800

 Item # CH-67XLC   $ 995

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Chicago City Skyline Landmark Collage Art Prints

Artist: Simon


30x40" & 40x60" Artist Proof Canvas Editions are hand retouched by artist


Order This Item # CH-67 Open Edition Print  Size: 18x24"

Order This Item # CH-67C  Giclee on Canvas  Size:  22x28"  Edition Size 100

Order This Item # CH-67LC  Giclee on Canvas  Size:  30x40"  Artist Proof

Order This Item # CH-67XLC  Giclee on Canvas  Size:  40x60"  Artist Proof

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