KY-3   " Wildcat Dreams "


The Meaning Behind The Composition

Artist Hess has also included symbolism and hidden images adding to the intrigue of the print and canvas. A Meaning of the Composition description is included with each print and canvas.

1. Basil Hayden
2. Ralph Beard
3. Coach Rupp, Cotton Nash and 4 National Championship Trophies 1948, 1949, 1951 & 1958.
4. Alex Groza
5. Bill Spivey and Frank Ramsey.
6. Victrola c. 1917
7. 1998 National Championship Trophy
8. Image of little boys playing basketball on an old rusty rim nailed to a barn representing the typical boy in the state of Kentucky.
9. Little boys shoes representing the first steps in pursuing the dream.
10. 1948 National Championship Trophy
11. Coach Rupp's brown suit.
12. Little boy (artist's son) representing every little boy in his home where the magic and the dream begins.
13. 1998 "FINAL FOUR" Game Ball.
14. Kentucky "K" Blanket
15. Wildcat Pennant.
16. Hourglass representing the passing of time over 100 years and the rise of UK basketball to the premier program in the country.
17. Coach Rupp and "Fab Five" - Kenny Rollins, Alex Groza, Ralph Beard, Wallace Jones and Cliff Barker, win UK's First National Championship August 13, 1948.
18. 1948 Basketball Game Jersey
19. American Flag representing the 1948 "Fab Five" as Olympic Gold Medalists.
20. 1958 Basketball Shoes
21. UK Letterman's Jacket
22. 2003 Basketball Shoes
23. Coach Adolph Rupp-Named Kentucky Coach-March 23, 1930.
24. 2003 Basketball Game Jersey
25. Artist Douglas Hess' first UK print - Copyright 1996 image was reproduced on a pillow.
26. Coach Joe B. Hall
27. Vernon Hatton's half court shot in three-overtime thriller December 7, 1957.
28. Cliff Hagan
29. Frank Ramsey
30. Memorial Coliseum - Kentucky's 129 game home win streak 1943-1955.
31. Louie Dampier
32. Jack Givins scores 41 points in NCAA Championship game March 27, 1978.
33. Coach Rick Pi tino and "The Unforgettables" - Sean Woods, John Pelphrey, Deron Feldhaus and Richie Farmer - jersey retirement - April 7, 1992.
34. Dan Issel
35. Kyle Macy
35. Coach Tubby Smith
37. Kenny Walker
38. Sam Bowie
39. Tony Delk's four point play versus Syracuse in the title game - April 1, 1996.
40. Jamal Mashburn
41. Tayshawn Prince hits consecutive threes versus North Carolina, December 8, 2001.
42. Cameron Mills three-pointer leads "Comeback Cats" over Duke March 22, 1998.
43. Jeff Sheppard hitting key shot in 1998 National Championship game.
44. Cawood Ledford retires after 1992 Duke game - March 28, 1992
45. Memorial Hall
46. Radio c. 1954
47. Artist Douglas C. Hess' first UK commemorative painting and limited edition print commemorating UK 1996 National Championship SOLD OUT
48. Sculpted horse representing Kentucky's international leadership in the horse industry.
49. Clock set to 7:00 representing the seven national championships.
50-54. There will be five hidden images of historic moments in our county over the past century paralleling UK basketball during the same time period




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